Internet Detox – Day one

Internet Detox – Day One.

So far, so good. I didn’t spend any time yesterday on the internet. Other than the few moments it took to update my blog. And you know what? I already feel like I am being rewarded for it. During my morning walk with Barley, about 9:30, I saw something I’ve never seen in person before. A woodpecker. I know it might not be some big huge thing to those who see them all the time, but it was a first for me, so it was special. There it was bouncing up the side of a tree. Even my husband was suitably impressed when I told him that evening!

I also felt something else while I was out walking. Words. They just seemed to be flowing into me, and I can’t really describe it or even repeat what they were. I just noticed them. That’s not something I’ve felt for a while – so I’ll have to start carrying around a notebook and/or a camera, so I can make a record of the things that I see and the words that I hear.

So the I guess the big question is what am I doing with all this free time?

I’m going through a book – I think it might be a little dated now – called “Art School, A Complete Painters Course”

The first chapter is all about Watercolour paints, which is a medium that I’ve not done all that much with. Like many things, I have a very brief dabble while I was studying my Undergraduate. I’ve used them to paint a few sections in my Scribble Doodles before, but not done any full paintings with them.

Rain Clouds 1

The first lesson was pretty basic – a monochrome painting using different tones of the same colour. In this case black. Getting used to how the medium overlaps to create depth in a scene. As well as learning a couple of basic techniques; wet on wet, to make softer tones, such as sky. And Wet on dry, to create harder lines. Again, I know this might be common knowledge to all watercolour experts, but I didn’t have this basic knowledge. It’s good to know.


Positive outcomes;

  • Good washes on sky and foreground
  • Decent shapes of tree clumps
  • Decent range of tone in places.

Negative outcomes

  • Large area of hill that came out looking far, far too dark.
  • Still attempting to be to controlled with the shapes – need to loosen up for a free feeling to the paintings.
  • Didn’t seem to do well with the overlapping washes?

I’d also like to add that this was my first attempt at stretching paper for the purpose of watercolours. When I use acrylic, I paint on canvas, which I prime. So having to stretch paper is also a skill that I am learning and will hopefully get better at the more I do it.

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