Internet Detox – Day Three

So, I am now onto day three of my detox. It’s gotten a little harder. I can’t express how important I feel this process is for me. I was spending all of my time on the internet. From, the moment my husband went to work to the time he got home again. So, that’s at the very least 9+ hours of the day. I know there will be people out there who spend longer than that, but the point I’m trying to get across is the fact that this addiction was starting to ruin my life. At least, it felt that way. If I was interrupted while being on the ‘net then I would get moody or snappy with whoever spoke to me. Or I wouldn’t even acknowledge they’d even spoken at all. It was mean and it was unfair on them.

Today I felt a little bit lost, I couldn’t really focus on what I wanted to do. I flitted about the house and I don’t really feel like I did anything. I played on a silly game on the PC for a while, until I realised that the game would be the fastest way to RSI possible. So I mostly faffed about.

I did start the next watercolour tutorial from the book, but didn’t finish that until today (Day four) so I shall write about that more in tomorrows post.

As for the dog walk today – if you couldn’t tell this now feels like a big part of my life; Barley found himself some play mates in the wood and was chasing a lovely labradoodle dog about for a stick. It’s lovely watching the dogs get together and play, I think in the end there was about six of them all running about with one another, playing various games of catch and chase. I will remember to take the camera with me one day

What else?

In the evening Elliot and I played on the Xbox, something that we’ve not done in a while together. We picked up a game called Dark Souls 2 again, which we stated a while back and for some reaosn put down again. It took us a while to actually remember what the hell we were doing and how the game worked, but in the end it turned out pretty fun.

Video gaming for me has always been a social affair, ever since I was a little girl. Growing up we had an Amiga and played various games together, mostly classics such as Monkey Island, Lemmings and Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

So for me, playing video games is a bonding experience. Offering up ideas on how to do things, what route to follow and puzzles to solve while the other person controls the game (and possible ignores everything I say)

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