Internet Detox – Day Four

I spent most of my day today on Dragon Age: Inquisition. My husband is out this evening so I shall probably spend most of the evening on it as well.

I’ve lost my day timing a little bit with the blog at this point, so while there might be more days in between posts than I days in the detox; but I’m writing these posts on the days they’re meant to be posted, so they will be in order regardless of actual posting days.

I did a bit more watercolour work today, just a little mind.

It was more work with washes and using them as a gradient shade. As it stands I feel this is something that I need to deal with more often, as the washes I laid down didn’t really seem to have much of a gradient effect to them.

I’ll try painting the same scene a few times from the book and see how I’ll get along with them, I might do some more of them on Saturday morning or sometime during Sunday.

Until then enjoy seeing my efforts so far


Using the other end of the brush to make the spikey effects in the weeds was something I’d never even thought about doing before, so this process has already given me ideas to take forwards into my own work. And this is only after a few of the lessons in the book.

The book also has courses for oils and acrylics, which I am interested in following. I’ve used acrylics a few times before in the past, but mostly as backgrounds to overlay my Scribble Doodles, it will be interesting to read and try out new ways of working with them. As for oils, I’ve never even considered using them. Whenever I have seen them used they look dark and uninviting. I have also always been put off by the fact that they take so long to dry; unlike acrylics.

So I have a lot to be getting on with and trying out while I am offline, keep your fingers crossed for me that this detox works and I can find myself in all this time I am giving to my artwork.

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