The hardest part

I think the hardest part about this whole art and business thing is keeping it all going. As you can see I’ve not been doing a very good job of it over the past few months. I am very sorry about that.
Another part that is very difficult for me is keeping every aspect of my artistic journey all together and organised. I feel like I flicker between interests and really should just keep focused on the parts that make me happiest. Which is my free feeling doodles.
I took some time to try out character artwork, and while I got a few commission orders I found it draining more than anything.
Life, for me, is about what makes me happy.


Later today I shall attempt to get up in the studio space and have a good sort out and see what I can attempt to simplify my workspace in order to actually get more artwork done.

Also getting my calendar in order so that I have a decent run of blog updates and when they are. I stand by the fact that I went through an internet detox a few months prior and I’d like to keep that in mind with this blog as well. I still don’t want to be online 24/7 looking for things that’ll keep the blog inspired via the internet. I’d like to keep it all about the things that I go through and experience.
I find that being myself and sharing my life and art really are two parts of the same thing.

Life and Art, a personal blog about me, my life and my business.
Is that something that is compelling to read about?
If not, I hope it will help me feel a bit more focused in the directions I want to take everything.

I really should look for my camera charger as well, so I can start to carry that around with me also.

Although I’ve not been blogging much I really feel hopeful that I can make it work for me this time around.

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