Not everything works.

Sometimes the things we create don’t always turn out the way we would like them too. I found that out this week while at Bury Art Society.

The theme of this week was to create something from memory or imagination; a rather fun little idea that I thought would be great to try out some more experimental ideas for my scribble doodles. I feel like I’ve been a bit neglectful with my artworks so it was nice to be able to take a few random things in a bag with me and try it all out.

This week I took some watercolours and my trusty bag of Sharpies with me – I know some people see Sharpies as a bit of an unprofessional tool to use and maybe in time I’ll find a better marker pen to flaunt. Until then they seem to be serving me rather well.
I know I have mentioned before that Watercolours are a medium that I would really like to try and improve with so the more time I get to experiment and play with them all the better for me.

I’ve mostly used them in the past to colour in smaller sections of my Scribble Doodles. Which I feel has always worked rather well for them. I could be wrong and would love to hear your input in this. Scan10005

It’s also about finding those things that don’t work so well, so that you can attempt to change them into things that do work instead. Or finding the parts of them that you can take away and improve upon.

So here are some of the parts from this weeks experimentation that I don’t think work so well as a whole, but still have value to take forwards.


And sometimes something just looks so terrible that you know never to repeat it again!!

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