Having a spot of bother

I’ve been upstairs twice this week – onto the top floor of my house and into my studio space. I haven’t been using it lately, but since writing this blog I’ve actually had the desire to create something… anything!

But the top floor has become a bit of a dumping ground for things gathered as of late and it needs a bit of sorting out before I can even think of doing anything up there. On both occasions I’ve come down feeling really deflated about it. I can’t seem to get everything organised without coming across just another pile of ‘useless junk.’

Things that for some reason I feel like I should hold onto, just for the sake of it. Old School work from Primary school, certificates of achievements and awards for things that don’t mean anything anymore. Photographs of people whose names I can’t even remember anymore, that sort of thing!
Do people actually keep these things in their lives and would it be all that wrong just to get a big black bin liner and throw it all away? Have a massive declutter before the baby arrives so in my mind I can actually feel some sense of order and not feel at all bogged down by this collection of once-upon-a-time meaningful items?

The things is, I know it’s not just up on the top floor I have some of these collections. In the under stairs cupboard I have another big box or two of more of the same. College work that I have kept hold of for no other reason than I feel like I should, even though I haven’t looked at any of it since moving into the house – or while I was living in the last one.
I just don’t feel like I want to be sentimental enough to keep it cluttering the place up and with no where to really put it that will remain an ‘out of the way’ place (Like a loft or basement) I don’t see what else I can do with it.

But the main big question is.
Do I really want it anyway?
Would I be keeping it for myself, or because it’s what I feel like I should keep hold of, because that’s what ‘everyone else’ does?

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