I was asked by my husband to write a follow up post to my last entry, which might sound simple, but I’d rather write something a bit more in depth than “We spent the evening sorting out the studio corner together and I feel better now.”

Which is exactly what we did. I ended up throwing a lot of things away that I wouldn’t actually do anything with, it felt really liberating to get rid of a lot of it and I’m actually now looking forward to going through a lot of my other ‘collections’ and getting rid of them too.

Seeing as the studio is all free of clutter now, I felt like I should actually do something with it. I attempted some painting today and while I wasn’t at it all that long I didn’t get to a stage where I felt relaxed or comfortable with what I was doing. I think that’s a big key when it comes to painting, you need to feel relaxed about what you’re doing; only then can you really express your thoughts.

Yet all the while I was painting I could hear my mind telling me that “It’s no good. You’re not good enough. Why bother? What is this rubbish!?” And other such dreary thoughts. Not exactly the most positive start to this whole new journey of discovering who I am through my artwork, but I am rather pleased that I managed to get something down onto the canvas. I feel at this stage even these small steps can be counted as little victories and they all add up.

I’ll see about taking a few snaps and sharing images with the blog soon, because I know they help when it comes to sharing ideas and the likes. I think for now I need to maybe grab a few books on the technicalities of painting with acrylics – because I sadly never learned that at University – and even on abstract art.

I use a website called Skillshare where I generally turn to for self-help learning and while I’ve not done that many of the courses on there, there has been one that stands out which I am looking to start in the coming week. So I’ll be happy to report back on that when I get some of it done.
The unfortunate thing about the site is it’s all video streaming and for some reason my internet isn’t the best for that in my little corner.
I’ll take a snapshot of the studio space and share that with everyone soon as well, even if it is currently a little bland!

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