The space


Just a picture of the artworking space, as promised in my last post.

And a couple of sneaky peaks at the paintings I am currently working on – which is why it looks like a mess already!

Also, I mentioned a Skillshare Course that I was going to be undertaking and would report back on. This one is by Kitty Wynter. I did a general search for Abstract Art on the Skillshare website and her course one came up.

It was actually a pretty basic course and while it had some interesting ideas shared with viewers it wasn’t the best of courses on the site. However, it did have an interesting painting technique that I’d not thought about trying out before, so I’ve been working on implementing that today.
However, watching someone stick some old book pages to a canvas wasn’t the most thrilling piece of viewing and I admit the ‘Eye painting’ section wasn’t the most polished either and I ended up skipping most of that particular video – especially after the whole gluing pages thing.

Still, it was worth the viewing just to pick up a few hints and tips.

I’ll have to have another look over the site to see which course I fancy taking a gander at next. I know I saved a few to my list of courses a while back, but I will have to see if they currently apply to my interests and my growth journey plans and all that.
I think a fair amount of them were all about businesses and social media, but to be completely honest I would rather focus on actually making and creating artworks before undertaking that gigantic task again. Enjoy the artwork and create because it’s what I’d like to do rather than what it feels like I must do.

In other news – because I have found that sharing things on my blog has really helped lately – I’ve had this problem with my jaw clenching. Both at night (I vaguely remember feeling like I am prying my jaws apart) and during the day – where my jaw seems to randomly tense together, regardless of what I do. I’ve tried simple relaxation techniques, little massage ideas that I’ve read about and even silly suggestions like putting my tongue between my jaws (Which actually just ends up in me biting my tongue)
I’m off to boots/tesco tonight to get a mouth guard to see if that helps in anyway at all before taking the leap to actually go to the Dr’s about it, as I get the feeling it’ll all just be down to stress/anxiety and baby hormones; as it’s gradually gotten worse over the duration of my pregnancy. Ugh. As if everything else wasn’t bad enough I have to put up with biting my tongue and mouth constantly.

Another thing non-art related! Barley has hurt his foot and is making a display of limping about the house, so there might be a vet trip on the cards as well. He’s currently being watched like a hawk for improvements or if it gets any worse, or… anything of the sort really.

Until next time~

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