Some works in progress

Some recent background work that I have prepared for adding something over the top of!
Sorry about the quality of the pictures, they’re just some simple phone pictures to keep things easy to share.

I found a new technique for doing backgrounds rather than just gradient style painting and I admit, I am rather thrilled with how they look. They’re a lot more individual and unique compared to the older style background that I had been doing. There is also a lot more rough and fun texture to these as well, which I feel is something that has been lacking in previous paintings.

What exactly is going to go on the top of these three backgrounds I don’t know yet. I have an idea of something simple for the paler pink and yellow one (Which looks a little washed out in the picture *sad-face*)

I am interested in painting some flowers, but not overly confident that I could pull them off realistically. I have painted a couple in the past and while they’ve not turned out badly; I am just not sure how I feel about painting realism. It doesn’t feel overly… me.
Actually, I remember one of my tutorials from University in my final year and it’s something that has stuck with my ever since and it’s been pretty damaging to my confidence really.
I was expressly told “You can’t do realism, you don’t have the eye for it.”
Since then I never really had much faith in being able to create something in a realistic fashion – and I don’t even know if I’d want to go down that route, but I just felt I should get it out there that what is said to someone can have a really big impact on how they feel about their artwork.
I’ve turned down paid work on the basis of that comment. I’m sure if it hadn’t been said to me I would have attempted the work on offer, but rather than try I’d rather have saved my dignity – which just doesn’t feel right. Still, I guess it has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my artwork instead.

I managed to get to the Dr’s about my jaw, but other than being referred to a specialist there isn’t much that can be done due to being pregnant. So it’s just like when I had a cold, dose myself up with paracetamol and hope that it goes away. Just thought I would give a little update on that.

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