Further Progress

I started some of these images last week, but only really got round to posting them today – mostly due to the feeling of a stressful and upsetting weekend thanks to my jaw playing up.

We’ve more or less come to the conclusion that the jaw is due to stress, worry and anxiety anyway over the up-coming change in our lives. That doesn’t overly help much in the ways of what to actually do about the jaw and the problem it’s presenting other than taking stronger pain killers (Which have helped) and trying to be as relaxed as possible (Which the husband has been an absolute God-send over! Especially seeing as the dog managed to chew up my mouth guard today!)

Anyhow, back onto the pictures! I’ve had the idea of painting something flower-esque 20160209_123139onto the yellow, pinky coloured painted canvas. But, keeping in the theme of abstract I was wondering how I could paint flowers without dipping into the realm of realism. So it has been a case of practising with my Coloursoft crayons – which I adore no end – and seeing what sort of shapes and colour combinations that I could come up with; and I think I’ve got something that I can put onto the canvas and be happy with now. So, I am looking forward to getting the paints out again and giving it a go.

However the other two canvas’ hadn’t been quite so accommodating when it comes to giving me ideas for what to put on them. I was convinced that flowers (Or there about) was the answer for the three of them.

Then it dawned on me that the effect I was looking for for the blue and white one was20160209_123119 something water-based when actually trying to paint it. So, I got to thinking what else could be done on it. What else do I like? Then I saw the fish tank in the corner of the living room and had that eureka moment! So today the fish were what I practised with; which was actually rather nice to do.

I just need to figure out the composition of them both and I’m good to go.

And have a bit more of a think what to do with the darker of the three canvas. If anyone has any ideas then please, let me know what you think?


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