Updates and more questions

Well, one painting down. One more to go!


Although I know the painting itself isn’t anything overly revolutionary in content or technique or anything, I am rather pleased to have been able to get something done. I’m having a bit of a proud moment. I mean, if I can finish one painting, why not another? Then another? And would it be boring to just stick with the same sort of style and theme for a few paintings? These are the dilemmas that I come across when I create something. I’m scared of being a boring ‘one trick pony’ but at the same time doing lots of different things just doesn’t seem to have any real focus to it. Honestly, I love experimenting and trying out new things with artwork and feel more like a dabbler then anything else. I don’t know if that’s the right sort of direction to take with this journey. Maybe having a lot of different experiences with art isn’t such a bad thing?

Now that it is done though, I am not sure what to do with it. I might hang it up somewhere in the house, seeing as I am rather fond of it. I am just not sure where it can go!

Right now though, I am putting up with a rather grumpy and grumbly Barley. I have a man from BT in the house fixing the internet (This post was pre written) seeing as it has been intermittent throughout the last week, which is why there has been a lack of posts on the blog.

So Barley has been shut in his bed while the man does his work. But it’s a bit of an odd situation really, I don’t think Barley would be so growly and grumbly if he’d been able to introduce himself to the man and give him a ‘right of passage’ but not everyone wants to be sniffed by a dog. Especially not when working. What do you do in these situations? I can’t take him out for a walk and leave the man to work in the house on his own. If anyone has any doggy advice here I would love to hear it! I feel guilty for leaving him shut in his bed making sulking noises.


And, a little work in progress on the fishy painting front.


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