A collaborative effort pt 1


So when Debbie Rushby asked if we could do a collaboration on one of my backgrounds I was more than happy to agree. Especially seeing as I really disliked the way that the background had turned out! Not that people get my unwanted cast offs, I am happy to collaborate with anyone.

Though I dare say that her realism over my abstract really steals the show, and it’s only currently a work in progress! I’m looking forward to seeing the final image finished off. I’ll share the finished result with you all as soon as it’s done.

It’s actually really interesting to see how my abstract picture can inspire someone in ways that I would never have seen or thought of myself. The paintings is going to be used as a prize in a Warmachine tournament somewhere. Which is pretty neat. I always seem to think in shapes more than in any sort of realism fashion, which is more evident in the paintings that I create (I hope) So to see a monster appearing on such a strange background it really cool. I never thought of the colours presented as a sky – but apparently Deb saw what she wanted in it straight away. That’s the wonderful thing about people and art, we all see things in different ways and all have our own creative outlets for things.
Thank goodness we are all different and see things in different ways.

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