Is this right?


As a part of enrolling into the Blogging University course about branding and identity and whatnot, a part of which is to look at titled and tag lines and assess what works on the blog and what doesn’t, all merry fun and confusing stuff like that! Nothing is ever really simple anymore.

But it did get me thinking. Is the name and theme of my blog even right any more? When was the last time I actually posted about anything Fangirly? Other than my own characters? I don’t know as if it really feels right to call this site what it is anymore. Then on the other hand, if I do make such a big change what would I call it instead?

Another thing mentioned is linking in the blog with other places I frequent on social media. Such as facebook and twitter, do I change the account names there as well? When I started posting on this blog again, I wanted it to be a more honest and open account of who I am, but naming the blog after myself seems a bit big-headed, egotistical. Would it be strange to keep it all the same as is.
It is all different aspects of myself after all.
These are the questions that I don’t feel like I have the bloging knowledge to answer myself. I can do things with the templates and play about with them until the cows come home and be happy as larry about it.

The rest. Eh. I don’t feel like an authority on such things, so as normal would love some input on this.

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