Prompt – Secret

I confess, I’ve been roleplaying online again.

I have had more than my fair share of gripes about this particular activity in the past. I’ve been put off that some of the worst people in a roleplaying community than you can think of.
Overly dramatic people that take everything to seriously.
People that don’t know how to keep their hands on their own characters and leave yours well alone.
Over powered original characters
Boring one liners

You get the picture.

So I was really reluctant to give everything yet another go. But I am glad I took the leap of faith. Firstly, I am writing as a character that I have connected with – which took me a long time to find, believe you me! They are a character that has featured on my blog before now. And I am getting a flood of storylines in which makes me very happy indeed. More so I have been complimented on roleplaying this character – which makes me feel wonderful.


I just didn’t want this aspect ofmy life to me this big secret thing – I’ve always shied away from telling people that I write storylines with other creative people, like it’s something to be really ashamed of.

Roleplaying as Thor reminds me a lot of roleplaying as my old Norse badger charcater, Frey. They are pretty similar in mentality, Thor just has a bit more to him to make him interesting to write. Only thing is you have to get pretty damned good at describing Thunderstorms! I think the other thing that has helped me overcome the whole worrying about roleplaying is that the Marvel community over on (Where I RP) is really friendly and welcoming to new people.
I don’t know how long I will be roleplaying like this for, considering my irritations mentioned above and in previous posts, but I hope it’ll last for a while yet.

And if I get any really juicy stories, I’ll share them with you!

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