So how exactly do I do this?

I am somewhat worried about the future of my blog – if the blogging University course has shown me anything, it is that blogs about general things aren’t that successful. I need to impose something that I do not have. A one track mind. A single minded focus to talk none stop about one thing.

I sadly do not have that ability. I currently cannot think of one topic that I could constantly blog about and be happy. I have far too many interests – reading, gaming, wargaming, stories, artwork – which is another broad generalisation, fangirling, roleplaying, blogging, orcs, space marines; it all become very broad very quickly.

So how am I meant to run a successful blog covering these topics?

I don’t think that I can.
Which makes me feel pretty sad about the whole thing.
I like having a place to share my thoughts and ideas, but at the same time I’d like to have an engaging audience to speak with. Does it matter that I’d like to talk about art one day and movies the next? I seem to be getting the impression that it does.
I don’t know what direction to head in and I am feeling rather confused about the whole ordeal.
And I don’t know where to go to get the answers that I am after.

I do know that it is a time for big changes ahead for my blog and it might be a bit rocky ahead while I work through these thoughts and changes.

I really need to have a deep think about where I am going with the blog and what it really is that I would like to say – and honestly. I don’t see myself as that much of a fangirl anymore.
I hate to say it, but I don’t fully enthuse and put all my energy into the adoration of fictional characters and things anymore; so that aspect of my blog isn’t even true anymore.