E’ryday Im Buildin’


Whenever we don’t have anything else in the Video Gaming world that hasn’t completely gripped us, the husband and I turn to Minecraft. It isn’t a game that I thought we would ever really get into, but our Nephews brought us a copy for Christmas a year or so ago and after an initial play about on it a little, we put it down and thought that was that. No hard feelings, it just wasn’t for us.

Then we finished one of the other story based games we had and couldn’t decide on what to play on next, so we put Minecraft into the PS4 and started a new world – we had always had the intention of building a castle (because we’re both obsessed with all things knighty historical!

It started off pretty small, as these things do. The feast hall (Pictured above) was the first thing that we built. However, the fire was originally torches and the glowstones were some elaborate chandeliers that sadly burnt down – along with the roof – when we changed the torch fire with actual fire. That’s the fun part of making everything on survival mode when you don’t know all the ‘rules’ of Minecraft.


The world has slowly grown over the several months we’ve now been playing. From building up the Home and adding in farms to putting in a ship and a dockyard; with working railway, sleazy pub and warehouse for storing all those blocks of pointless things that you end up with (Read as: Dirt)


We also have a stables, chapel, wells, farmyard, several mines and the most unorganised orchard there is going!

What I have enjoyed about playing Minecraft, is that if you only have about ten minutes or so to spare you can still feel like you’ve achieved something. You can get a bit of resource you were missing or put down the footprint of your next build. It’s also really rewarding to see what you’re building grow as well seeing as on survival mode you have to go and scavenge these things from out in the world before you can even start building anything.

At the moment we’re starting to build more of the town around the castle, starting with a Minster made of Sandstone. Which is going to be a pretty epic build in itself! It took most of the sessions play time getting the ground flat enough to even put the floor down!

I’ll grab some screenshots of it soon to share with you and report on how it’s all going. Until then, have these ones of various other places in our world.

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