E’ryday I’m Buildin’ – Part 2


Just a little update this one. On the Minster that is going to our world on Minecraft.

We’re building it out of sandstone so the task basically involves running to the local desert, doing a heap of digging and hauling the sand back to turn into the sandstone that we need. It’s a fair amount of work and has taken a lot of shovels so far and we don’t even have the footprint down yet!

I think that’s the fun of MineCraft, the challenge of finding the materials that are needed and feeling rewarded when you actually get a significant amount of something done.


Seeing as this is all rather a long process and digging up blocks of sand isn’t the most stimulating of tasks we decided to take a bit of a break and do some exploring. We’ve not ventured that far from our spawn point to make up our world and don’t have all the things we would like. So we set out to find a jungle biome – which we did and now have melons, jungle tree seeds and cocoa beans in our inventory to take back home.

But we also came across something else entirely! It was exciting to find something new that we didn’t know existed.


MineCraft is just one of those games that keeps on giving. You’re constantly finding new things that you can use in whatever it is you’re creating. And when you look it up on Google people have created all sorts of wonderful things. Actually if you look up anything on Google and put MineCraft after it (I am thinking buildings) then someone out there will have made a copy of it!
Try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Winterfell MineCraft

Vatican City MineCraft

Stark Tower MineCraft


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