Wait a second – Iron Man?


I am a little bit confused about this particular update from Marvel. When the announcement about updating the character Thor and turning her into a woman I was somewhat skeptical, but let it go because if that is who Mjolnir found worthy and all that.

Yet. Iron Man. Being a black girl?

I think for me the biggest hint of the fundamental aspects for the character are in the name. Iron MAN.

It made me think about how often something can be redone/remade before it becomes stale. I understand that Marvel would like to diversify their core set of characters somewhat – the traditional look of a Superhero has certainly moved on from the look of Superman – but I don’t know as if they need to go so far as to turn one of their biggest iconic masculine characters into a fifteen year old genius.

The appeal of Iron Man, love like or loathe him, is the fact that he’s a bit of a broken character; he has his own flaws that add to his personality and make Tony Stark work for the plot-lines he is involved in.

I don’t know much about how she will appear as the new Iron Man, I believe I read after the story-line Civil War 2, and you know something, I don’t rightly care!

To me, it feels like Marvel is trying to hard to be politically correct and diverse with this option. Doing the deed for the sake of it, rather than actually thinking about their choices. And if course, no one can really deny or speak out against the newly revealed character for fear of being called racist or any such other derogatory term.

If Marvel were so desperate to add another black female character to their line up of characters, why not create an entirely new idea? It would be great to have a new read from Marvel about a main character, black female, superheroine who did all sorts of awesome stuff. But why sacrifice Tony Stark to do it.

And frankly, calling a woman ‘Iron Man’ is just ridiculous! Iron Maiden sounds so much better!

2 responses to “Wait a second – Iron Man?”

    • I think in this particular case it’s just gone too far in the wrong direction for the character in question.


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