13625291_10157142171145717_2033852190_nBefore I switched courses at University to Illustration I was on the photography course. I moved for a few reasons; the main one being that I was drawing more than paying any attention to the degree course I was on. The other being that I really only felt like I was one of two people that knew anything about the subject matter and that I wasn’t really learning anything new. So I packed up my camera (A Canon Eos 20D that I still have and I believe still works to some extent – although the battery might no long hold it’s charge, gutted.) So for this course I’ll be using my much newer point and shoot thingy – I forgot the make and model of it already, whoops.

So when the Blogging Univeristy course came about kizzy_and_me_by_electronaughtfor photography it rekindled a whole host of thoughts that I really missed. Mostly of wandering about with more than one camera strapped to me like the image suggests.

To be completely honest I have forgotten a lot of the rules of photography, seeing as I’ve not really picked up a camera in all seriousness for many a year – I know I’ve never mentioned it before on my blog other than in some online gamey way. So it’ll be a learning curve for me once again. I am rather excited.


Sadly, I don’t have many of my old photographs stored away anymore as I lost them all in an external hard drive crash. So the few that I have managed to find are from various places on the internet, which will explain any watermarks found on them.

a_rose_by_any_other_name_by_coma_chanI’ve greatly missed my photography – and I am only recently starting to realise it. I am also pretty regretful that I have forgotten a lot of the technical side to everything as well. Long gone are the days when I could develop and print my own black and white images.

There was also a time where I was really inspired by alternative clothing and had a very willing model in my sister. Times once again long gone, but they hold a lot of memories for me. Turning a room into a make-shift studio and eating cheese and wine being all pretend sophisticated! I remember finding one of my sisters Skin Two magazines and the fashion and photography of Somebody or other Perry really inspiring me to try my hand at it.

At University I lost a lot of my confidence with photography. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I do recall a bit of a nightmare photoshoot where everything went wrong that could have done. Mostly involving broken equipment which I borrowed from the University itself really bringing me into a downer with it all.

But even though I am no longer an SLR person, I would like to try my hand at this Blogging course and see if I can feel inspired to return to the home in photography that I once had. If not, it’s just been nice to look back on what I have done and go on a bit of a nostalgia trip with it all – even remembered the time I was more into dolls from this as well. They were good fun to use and I didn’t have to feel nervous about ‘doing my thing’ in front of them.


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