Weekly Necromunda Report, Part 1 – Introductions


Here we go again!

I think it has been rather shameful that I made my Necromunda Gang back in 2011 and have only ever done one half-baked campaign with it. So after very little arm twisting a new campaign has begun.

The gang that I am using is a collection of models I have botched together to make an action-heroes team called ‘The Expendables‘ using Orlock rules. So far in the line up I have:

Rambo – Gang Leader – Chain Sword, Las Pistol & Frag Grenades
Terminator – Heavy – Heavy Stubber, Auto gun
Dutch – Heavy – Grenade launcher (Frag), Auto Pistol
Hicks – Ganger – Shotgun (Manstoppers), Las Pistol
Hudson – Ganger – Las gun
Apone – Ganger – Las pistol
Soldier – Ganger – Las gun, Las pistol
John McClane – Juve – Stub gun, club.

Hopefully some of the names will stand out, although there are rather a few of them from Aliens who have been taken from my Imperial Guard Army – which is fine for the time being. I’m already trying to think of who else I can add into the army and how to make them. So far, I’d like to make a Robocop and a Jason Statham character, just not 100% sure how to go about it yet.


(Recycling an old picture, because I’ve not actually painted many of these guys yet – shameful!)


Their rivals are The Kings Men, a bunch of Goliath scum! They are actual Necromunda models rather than a ‘home-brew’ bunch which is pretty cool. Necromunda models are pretty awesome, and really bring back the whole 90’s feel of the game. So it’s great to be against a bunch of them.

The King – Leader – Chain Sword, Melta gun, Bolt Pistol
Meat ‘ed – Heavy – Heavy Bolter, Shotgun
Dead Eye Peat – Ganger – Las gun, Stubgun
Jaws – Ganger – Club – Auto gun
Hands – Ganger – Shotgun (Manstoppers)
Royds – Ganger – Shotgun (Manstoppers), Club
Beast – Ganger – Club, Club
Raty – Juve – Autopistol
The Hound – Juve – Las Pistol, Stub gun.

So that’s the line up, I need to grab a few more pictures of the gangs to add to this post later, but seeing as I feel somewhat ashamed of mine being unpainted/unfinished, I’ll hold off until I have them at least a bit more finished off!

I’m hoping to make a ‘thing’ of Necromunda Monday so let’s see if I can make it last as the games commence and I have gang things to report.

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