Water fascinates me.

It’s one of those subjects that I could go on and on about forever – and in so many wonderful forms as well. I love it.

I am hoping to go out sometime in the very near future with my old Canon Eos and do some longer shutter-speed shots with it, because I love doing that sort of thing with my camera. The challenge with it is I only have a really small tri-pod now as well, seeing as I lent my bigger one to someone and I never got it back.


So when it came up for the ‘Developing your Eye’ Course, I knew I could happily play around with water for the longest time!

I also use a lot of water and layering in my paintings, that’s how much I really love the stuff. I like the way that it mixes things (Paint/Colours) together and makes pretty patterns! I know that sounds incredibly naive of me, but it’s true.

Also, playing about with how something looks on a canvas is a really fun aspect of both art and photography so this brief really suited me.

I’d like to go out and take some more natural images with the big camera at some point, but these are the images I took with a Lush bath bomb to see what sort of patterns came up in the colours.

I’d like to do something like this again actually, and can see me experimenting with the idea a bit more. When I did this, I was only using my camera phone, so would love to be able to play about a bit more professionally with them.

But isn’t it amazing the ideas we can come up with on the fly? With just something as basic as a phone camera to get our ideas down!
I know a lot of people use an iPhone semi professionally (At least according to the adverts you can) and I actually think that’s pretty wonderful, it opens up photography to a lot more people; well, camera phones in general.

Anyway, this is what I have for this ‘assignment’ with the idea to do more water based things.

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