Necromunda Monday – Part 1

tumblr_inline_ngopk0MWfR1r9mg6kFight type: Gang Fight
Campaign Fight #: 1
Gang types: Orlocks vs Goliaths

  • The Expendables (1283)
  • The Kings Men (1251)

This is a write up of the first gang clash, played on 10th July 2016 between The Expendables and The Kings Men. 
The first fight in the campaign so it seemed the best thing to do was get the ball rolling wit

(Set up)

h a out and out Gang Fight. After failing the roll The Expendables set up first, keeping
their two heavies in the middle ground while on two flanking side the Aliens Squad on the right and Rambo, Soldier and McClane on the left. To counter this The Kings Men had their heavy (Meat ‘Ed) and a ganger (Dead Eye Peat) centre field, while The King took his two juves to face off against Rambo, and the rest of them headed towards the Aliens crew.

This game was certainly one of extremes! The die never really seemed to roll anything other than ones or sixes! Which made for rather interesting results. Only one of the heavys left the game with working weaponry – a grenade launcher that never actually hit anyone!

The King ended up using his juves in the best possible way (Meat shields) to get close enough to Rambo to use his melta gun! I am sure Rambo enjoyed it really! Taking him (Unsurprisingly) out of action. Soldier was a bit of a star player in this one, purely for taking out both Dead Eye Peat and Meat ‘Ed.

(Apone, Hicks and Hudson)

Over in the other corner – after Rambo and John McClane were taken out – the Aliens crew (Hicks, Hudson and Apone) just showed everyone how it’s done and (Eventually) pinned several of The Kings Mens gangers. One of them managed to climb up to their vantage point and I honestly thought that Hudson was done for! A close combat brawl broke out and with Beast having two clubs to his name, it wasn’t looking good. But, remember where I said it was a game of extremes? Well, Hudson got the better dice and managed to beat in the Beast.

(Dead Eye Peat and Meat ‘Ed)

It was actually a pretty close fight and mostly a case of who was going to bottle first. In my last round I lost my Terminator which was pretty nail biting, and honestly was going to bottle the next round, but The Kings Men beat me to the fleeing. Phew!

Then it came to the results. Terminator was taken hostage.
As was Hands and Beast.
So an exchange was discussed and Terminator was exchanged for Hands.
The Expendables still have hold of Beast

There were a couple of casualties!
The Kings Men lost a couple of their gangers in this fight – Royds and Jaws – I believe one of them died because they crushed their head open after falling 6″ off a building! And Royds, well, maybe one of his pecks exploded or something!?

At the end of the day several members gained experience levels and other things for their efforts and wounds

The Expendables:


  • Shell Shocked (I’m blaming that on the melta gun)
    Escape Artist


  • Initiative Increase


  • Partially Deaf I
  • Marksman
  • Strength Increase


The Kings Men

Dead Eye Peat

  • Bs Increase

The Hound

  • Horrible Scars – Fear


All in all it was a pretty fun game and I’m looking forward to the next one – a rescue attempt from The Kings Men to get Beast back.

Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed my little write up? Let me know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions.

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