No, that doesn’t mean that I am in a bad mood with my art.

Artrage is a piece of software that I have been playing about with today – I’ve really been missing my artistic side as of late and needed an outlet for the creative juices.

I only have a demo of artrage and sadly, cannot afford the expense of it currently – but I am enjoying playing about with it none the less.

It’s a pretty faithful program when compared to traditional media and I can see why a lot of realism style artists enjoy using it. It tempts me to try and use it for some templar/knight paintings that I’ve not actually painted in a long time now. I currently feel that I need to add a bit more form to my artwork, but don’t want to ‘waste’ my precious canvas. So this feels like a perfect way to experiment with these things.


I have noticed a limitation already however and that is a lack of water blending. With traditional media I currently use a lot of water in my paintings to help the colours blend and melt into one another, which is often left to random chance. This doesn’t seem to be actionable in Artrage currently.

But there we are, it’s more a case of onwards to new things rather than just being stale and sticking to creating in the same method all the time.

Also I am sorry about the watermarks on the images, it’s a limitation of the demo and nothing I can currently help.

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