Oh well.

LyI’ve had a pretty bad day already today, and I wanted to get it out of my system before… well, I don’t know what before, but before it at any rate.

I’m feeling increasingly more and more frustrated with art things – a lack of time and attentiveness is causing it really. So when I actually do get a bit of time to sit down and make something happen on the art front it feels really good.

This morning I actually woke up with something that felt like it resembled energy and I knew what I wanted to do.
I remembered about the line art that I’ve included with the post and decided that I should actually finally do something with it. It’s over eight years old, but somehow I woke up with the character on my mind. Strange how that happens but there we go.

While my son was down for his morning nap, I got busy and coloured it all in. I was only going to do flat colouring, seeing as I didn’t think I would get any time for more details. I did. I managed to finish it all off and even get some rather funky lighting effects from the lantern and some swirly things going around on the glowies dangling about. I was feeling pleased. Even while I was colouring it in, I was thinking about the world he comes from and the other demon brethren he has and his place surrounding them.

Then I tried to save it.

And photoshop crashed.

Absolutely gutted. I kinda feel like there is something pushing against me when I try and create something. If it’s not me that’s putting a downer on things as I go along, it’s something that I cannot help. Time being a main factor at the moment, if I do get time for things it’s certainly limited between caring for my son and keeping the house before I attempt anything art related. Right now, I just feel a bit like someone/something is telling me not to bother anymore.


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