I’m my own biggest fan – Part 5

Kizmit. By Kizmit.

I’ll be honest. I don’t get to do much furry anymore. I have something of a love/hate relationship with most things furry. A part of me really enjoys it. I like drawing my own characters and designing up outfits for them to go in and wear and all that fun sort of stuff. The part of me that hates it is generally the part that gets sick and tired of all the drama bullshit that I’ve endured throughout my time in the furry fandom – to the point that when Furaffinity had to reset all it’s users passwords in a hack I’ve not bothered to look into getting my account fixed.

But, I remember the absolute joy of my early days in the fandom. When I had some artists whose work I just admired the snot out of! I recall there being three that I literally hero worshipped!

I remember when one of them drew my ‘Fursona’ Kizmit for me. I was absolutely floored! I’d never seen anything so wonderful in my entire life! I think it was that stage of my life where I really got the thirst to commission people to draw my characters for me, because I loved seeing them in other peoples styles – and honestly, my art is/was crap back then compared to what I know now! I wish I still had the image that Twiztid drew for me so that I could share it with you. Sadly, it was lost in a hard drive crash that still makes me feel a little bit sad to this day… and if you visit the link you’ll see that the dA gallery is empty. But I am thankfully still in touch with Gwen via facebook and keep in touch with her from time to time.

Another idol was Twira, again another mostly empty dA gallery, she drew my other ‘Fursona’ Jenn and a much beloved character called I Zombie. 1zombie

I Zombie was created pretty early on in my furry artworks and I remember that a friend at college, Kat, and myself had a heap of fun colouring him up in the college canteen. Still, I was once again, thrilled to see that someone else would draw him up. As for the picture of Jenn, I don’t know if I even have it anywhere. Which again, makes me feel somewhat sad.

The last person on this little list of idols is Sun – someone else I am still in loose touch with on facebook. Her art developed a lot since the days of the fur and it’s absolutely stunning. I swear! I mean, I always liked her anime styled stuff, but now her art just blows my mind. It’s amazingly detailed. Again, she drew me some Jenn which I fear I no longer have. Seems to be a bit of a running theme here! I am sure I could ask these people, but I really don’t know if opening up this can of worms for them is really worth it. We were pretty much all teenagers and very different people back then.

So, while I do have this love/hate relationship with the furry fandom, I do still love my longer standing characters that I’ve had for years. Like I Zombie, Kizmit, Torquemada. I just don’t know if it’s really worth actively seeking out a little niche in the furry fandom anymore?

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