My own biggest fan – Part 5 – Update

Kizmit by Twiztid

Since my last post I made a load of folders for my anthro/furry characters on facebook and uploaded a heap of pictures done for me in the past by some very wonderful people.

It was an amazing thing to do.

Not only has it inspired me to carry on drawing anthro characters – something I never thought would actually happen – it has also helped me to reconnect with some of the friends I once held really close to me. Which has been nothing short of amazing! Seeing that they’re all doing well and hearing what they’re doing now. It’s been wonderful.

Also in that, Gwen managed to dig up one of the pictures I was missing from my previous post of Kizmit. I can’t say how wonderful it is to see it again.

I also managed to find a fair few other pictures from various archives that I remembered about and found a picture of Jenn that Twira made for me. So that is also here. It’s nice to

Jenn by Twira

be able to see all these images again and to feel reconnected with this side of my creativity again.

It’s just a shame that some of the facebook friends removed me for sharing all these images, but I suppose that is the way of facebook!

I’ve been at this whole furry thing for about twelve years now, maybe the dreaded thirteen, and for the first time in a fair few years I am excited about what is to come in the future. See who else I meet and new friends I make along the way.

It’s exciting!!

I’d like to make a few posts about the characters that mean the most to me and explain a bit more about who they are and what they mean. So be on the look out for that and more lucious artsy things too~


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