Pinhead & Abarat

Pinhead by HoboRiss

I mentioned in my previous post that Hellraiser was once a really big influence for me. I know I have mentioned my meeting Doug Bradley in a previous post but seeing as I managed to get my old ‘dead’ hard drive going again and I found this picture, I thought I would share it all with you.

It’s something that I commissioned Rhys Pittman to draw up for me some time ago. They are an artist I commissioned a fair bit in the past, but they sadly faded into obscurity in the world of art (Although we’re still friends on facebook) so I don’t know if they’re still arting or accepting commissions.

Hellraiser, and Clive Barker in general, is something that will continue to inspire me and my characters. There is something about the world that is just utterly compelling. It’s frightening, but alluring at the same time. That cross over between ultimate pleasure and pain being indivisible from one another – it’s piques my curiosity (even if I would never partake myself in that world)

There is something just wonderful about the aesthetic as well that I find inspiring me. Actually, there is a series of books by Clive Barker called Abarat which I feel captures the

Yacarrion1 (1)
Christopher Carrion by Clive Barker

imagination much more wonderfully than The Hellbound Heart does. It’s about a young woman Candy Quackenbush and her adventures in the unique world of the Abarat – mixed delightfully with Clive Barkers fascination with the macabre. It’s dark, but it’s so beautiful. I especially like the world of the Abarat where each island is dedicated to a time of the day. And of course the darkly alluring character that is Christopher Carrion. Trust me to find the bad guy the most interesting!

It’s a decent series of books – by issue with them was that it was a while between their releases so I couldn’t really remember every detail when going from one to the next.

Also because the characters are so unusually bizarre you can get a bit lost in trying to picture them and lose the plot of the tale. Getting a little overwhelmed by the unique offerings of characters and world – the understandability of the plot can be a bit pushed aside. But if you like unique, slightly horrific worlds, then you probably already know about Abarat and certainly know about Clive Barker so won’t need me to tell you to pick up his novels.

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