That was the longest I’ve gone without blogging for a while, sorry about that. I just got busy with other things. Generally, I’ve been drawing more and I don’t know if updating the blog, deviantArt, Furaffinity, Weasyl and Facebook with the art is a bit over kill – but I’ll add a few pictures at the end of the post.

As for a little life update, my son is now 5 months old and having a little sleep upstairs as I write this. He’s doing really well, following his weight percentile perfectly – even if that is less perfect for me because he is now such a heavy little Mr.


We all had a few nice weekends away visiting Grandparents and the visits are something I would like to repeat more often.

Barley is feeling better now that his leg has healed and the cone of shame is nothing but a distant memory! During our stay at Sigglesthorne, we had a morning trip to Hornsea. Where Barley was allowed to run on the beach – he had a bit of a hangover after spending some time getting drunk with Uncle Mark – so he found the sea something of an annoyance when the waves crashed against the sand and took it upon himself to tell the sea off by barking at it. Needless to say the sea didn’t stop moving nor did it stop making noise. So Barley bit it. Then bit the next wave. It was rather funny!

Back to the blogging subject, I think I’ve not been blogging as much because I’ve not felt like I have had the outside influences that I feel comfortable blogging about. It’s probably silly because this is my blog and I this post has been more about me than most of mine are, but I feel a bit strange saying; ‘Hey guys, this is my shiz.’ A feeling that I really should overcome. I personally prefer to blog about popular culture or what movies I’ve seen lately; but lately I’ve not been partaking in these things so feel less inclined to update.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of art stuffs.

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