Getting back in touch.

Moving on from my previous post.

I’m having a bit of a break from doing my art trades. So while Marcus was napping and I was ignoring the pile of washing up in the kitchen – it’s not going anywhere – I decided to do some sketching for myself.

I’ve not had or used a Fursona character in some time now. Once upon a time, I used to have a namesake character and draw the hell out of her any chance that I got.

Somehow that all stopped in 2006ish?

I don’t ever feel like I got that connection back, but I’ve been trying ever since.
Maybe that was the biggest hint to move on from everything?

I did some sketches of her today.
I feel like it’s some sort of huge conundrum, even though it isn’t. I just draw what makes me feel happiest these days.

I’ve been contemplating making up a plethora of new characters. Seeing where that gets me instead. Ha. I over complicate everything!

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