E’ryday I’m Buildin’ – Part 3

Slime attack!

Seeing as I have been left alone for a few minutes, I thought I would update on a few Minecrafty shenanigans. It’s been a while since I reported anything about what we’ve been up too in our world, but that’s mostly because we’ve only recently started shovelling again.

Unhappy Cathedral

Last time I posted we’d only just started mapping out where our towns Cathedral was going to be. Upon our reloading, we decided that there was something amiss about the whole thing and we’re generally unconvinced by it all. I think this is part of the reason it took us so long to actually do anything with it – so it stayed as a boring blueprint for the longest time. It took a fair few attempts to get it all looking right on the outside as well, but eventually we

Happy Cathedral

knew what was wrong. It all looked to ‘the same’ so it took us a trip into the Nether to get some Quartz in order to get us feeling happier with the build. It also took a few variation of sandstone bricks, but we got there in the end. The addition of the flames and stained glass window to the front also made it feel a lot less dull. It was a good hurdle to overcome. The interior of the Cathedral is still unfinished, so when I we get the minor details done I’ll share some more pictures.

We then faced the biggest problem of all minecrafters – what next? Well, we had a lot of elements in our town finished off now, including more details to the port. Like the port side tavern being finished off and the market (which needs it stalls finishing.)


But, we don’t actually have a town itself! So that’s been our next job. Putting in some houses to bridge the gaps between everything else.

It’s not the most exciting thing to have been building, I must admit. And it’s not been one of those all consuming projects either – not like the castle walls or the castle itself (which has had a bit of a renovation since last time too, but that’s for another time)

We started off with a Market Square – as this is something that I’d built on the floor the last time around – and added some more interesting looking stalls. From there we built a few houses and another shop

Church View, note the Cathedral in the background – and our beacon on the hill.

I admit, it’s been good fun getting back into Minecraft again. Especially staying in the same world we’ve always been in. Adding new bits and bobs to the Castle and surrounding area has been a blast from day one. It’s interesting to see how it all develops and changes over time.

I’ll hopefully update again soon with some more screenshots of the world and castle and little tales of how it’s all changed over time~

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    • Thanks Jimmy! We’ve done a bit more to the world now, so be on the look out for more posts soon!
      Also, I’d love to see your stuff as well, so if you’ve ever posted anything (or are going too) feel free to link me or pingback~

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