30 Days Writing Challenge

I have seen lists like this dotted about the internet in various places before, but never really thought about doing one before now. Mostly because the idea of having to write for 30 days in a row feels little bit too much of a commitment that I can’t accept.

However, when reading another blog about a writing challenge (Post here) I thought to myself, ‘Well, why don’t you just write the challenge when you feel inspired and have the time to do it?’

I figured I could follow that advice myself, so off I pop to good olde google and find a 30 day writing challenge of my own to follow. I figure I can write these posts when I can and mix them amongst my other posts. Make up a category heading for them and just… see how it goes. What I am hoping to get out of it is not only a bit more activity on my blog, but also finding out a bit more about myself.

Which might be a bit of a strange thing to say, but I think we all can feel a bit lost from ourselves and we need to do a fair bit of introspection to find ourselves again. Especially when we transition from one stage of life to another.


So there we go.

I’ll start this little challenge in my next post – which hopefully won’t be too long now!
After having a blog like this one for so long, I have found topics a bit difficult to come across.
I certainly don’t Fangirl as much as I used to and it’ll be great to find aspects of myself that I’ve lost and thought I’d never recover and find to elements of myself that I never knew were there.

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