Reading books and here we go again

Because I want to be brutally honest with my blog and my readers, I wanted to share the reading books I took out from the library this week. 

The first being ‘Body Gossip’ a book filled with excerpt, poems, stories and the likes from people all on the topic of body image. Which is where the honesty comes in. Since having my son I have felt utterly crap about myself and how I look. Sometimes, I don’t even want to leave he house because I feel really low when it’s on the forefront of my mind. I push myself to go to baby groups with the kiddo so that he isn’t suffering due to how I feel about myself, but some mornings I must admit it is a struggle. Yet, I don’t know why I feel this way. Before I was pregnant I didn’t really have any feelings either way about how I looked. I was just happy being Jenn and that was that. I’m hoping this book will make me feel like I am not alone in my struggle for body and image confidence and help me realise that ugly isn’t really a thing and I should accept myself and all that hippy mumbo jumbo stuff.

The other book is ‘What about me’ a book about finding ourselves in a consumerist world and how the individual can stand apart from the corporate. It’ll be an interesting read when it comes to addressing my Patreon account and because I have such an interest in consumerism still. I’m looking forward to both reading and reviewing this one once I am done.

The last book I checked out is called ‘Broken Monsters’ a work of fiction, which I shall review once finished, so expect that in about three months time!! 

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