Places you’d like to visit.

I tried writing this post yesterday, but honestly all the places I came up with to go too were from my own childhood. Places I would like to take Marcus and relive all the fun memories I had with him. 

Then I realised that hanging onto old memories wasn’t really a good way to start making new memories and moving forward with my own family. As much as I would like to take him to the places I’ve been to and enjoyed as a child, I think it would be better to move ahead and think of the places I would like to see. Either with or without Marcus.

New York – New York and I have unfinished business. I was fortunate enough to go during my first year at University, but the city is so big that there was a heck of a lot I couldn’t fit in during the limited time I had there. So I would love to go back and see some more of it. 

Japan – When I was a teen, I wanted to go to Japan because I was really into anime. Looking back, that was a silly reason to want to go because I can’t actually read a word of Japanese. But I would still love to see the country itself, especially the time of year where all the blossom is on the trees. I just think that the culture is so far removed from my own it would be a real experience to see it first hand. 

Cairngorms – I’m not really sure if this is one of the places I’d like to visit that comes from my own desires or not. The husband has been saying we’ll go to Scotland since we met, so maybe it’s an extension of that? Either way. I think it would be somewhere that we could all enjoy as a holiday destination when the little one isn’t quite so little.

Heaven/Hell – Is this even a real place? I don’t know. Nor does anyone else that’s alive. So it would be somewhere I would like to visit and see for myself. Even if it’s one of those ‘fly on the wall’ desires. I’d love to know the truth about these places, for the visions of others probably don’t ring true either.

Abarat – No one said he places on this list had to be real! And the idea of there being a world that has islands for each hour of the day is just brilliant. The abarat is a book series by Clive Barker, and while I didn’t enjoy The Scarlet Gospels, his Abarat series really shines.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. I was supposed to go on a school trip in the 9th grade, but we didn’t have enough participants to make it affordable, so the trip was cancelled. My husband’s been, so he’s a bit blase about it, which sometimes puts a damper on my enthusiasm for belle Paris. As for fictional places… I would LOVE to visit the Pie Hole and Couer d’Couers from Pushing Daisies!

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