Yo ho, me hearties, yo ho!

I rarely feel like it’s worth posting more than once in a day, let alone within an hour of the previous post. But fans! I am excited!
I admit, I have felt a little lost lately when it comes to drawing. I tried a couple of things to help me find my feet again.

But, my goodness I am currently sat on my little sofa right now feeling giddy as the high heavens damned near giggling to myself because I feel so happy.

I was looking through the storage of my DeviantArt account and amongst the scribble doodles and abstract stuff there was a heap of old Star Trek doodles.

I’d somehow forgotten that I used to draw in a style that gave characters big heads and stompy feet.

So, I decided to give the style a try again, but with a different character – one that I am somewhat half-heartedly fangirling over right now. Jack Rackham from the Amazon series Black Sails.

It’ll take me a bit of getting used to this style again, but I actually feel like it’s something that I ‘own.’ I’ve not been inspired by and taken elements of my favourite artists in this one. It’s just something that I stumbled upon during my Masters. I think it’s maybe that connection that made me feel a bit bitter about the style and so I cast it aside, but you know what? I actually really like it and still enjoy it.

I’m going to try and keep this style going for a while, see who else I can sketch up and who/what else works for it.

I just wanted to share my excitement while I am feeling it.

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