Victory Not Vengeance

dsc02487For Christmas this year, I was very lucky to have been brought two tickets to go and see a group I love very much. VNV Nation. They are a group that I have treasured for many years and for some personal reasons too. So, my sister and I trogged off to go and see them at Manchesters Student Union Bar for one of the most personal and heart warming gigs I have ever been too (Not that I have been to many gigs, but hey-ho)

The venue was rather small, which actually really helped the gig feel a lot more personal. We had a good place at the back of the venue where we could still see everything and let the music flow – neither of us are the type to want to be barged about at a gig, it’s all about the music. What really struck me was how sincere the ‘Thank you,’ sounded at the end of a song, and the personal compliments to the crowd. They all sounded absolutely genuine, not a hollow, arrogant sort of ‘Thanks’ that I seem to remember from other concerts.

I am used to gigs having support bands playing first. Here, there was no such thing. It was all VNV Nation all the way! From start, right up to kick-out time. It was absolutely amazing, the energy was just sublime, from both VNV and the crowd – I think I only stopped bouncing to run to the ladies room.

There was a real sense of belonging, a connection to other people at the gig, even though we were a little removed from the main assembly. And I admit, it brought a tear to my eye when I heard Illusion being sung. And they played all the ‘favourites’ as well. Which was wonderful to hear. Beloved. Homeward. Chrome. Electronaught. All the ones that I had doubts about them doing (Because they might be a bit old) So I was just stoked.

It was a humbling experience and I am so pleased to have been able to be a part of such a small gig. I apologise for my ‘crappy’ photos, but I was there to experience the music and atmosphere not stand behind my camera – which brings me to another wonderful point. VNV have no qualms about being photographed or filmed, as long as you don’t use a flash or get in someone else way. Both points are backed up regularly by Ronan (The singer) who sees it as his job to get you to enjoy the show, rather than feel stuck behind a screen. Another humbling aspect in my opinion.

What more can I say, other than thank you VNV Nation for shining your light on me.


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