Criticizing Photographs 

I’ve been putting some more thought into the idea of creating a photography critic blog lately. A part of this idea is digesting a book from back in the days when I was studying Contemporary Lens Media at The University of Lincoln; Criticizing Photographs by Terry Barrett. I always remember this book being a good and worthy while read, but never managing to get the full way through.

Seeing as I am well out of touch with everything photography the refresh on how to approach looking at a photograph has been well worth it so far, but thinking of it all from a blogging point of view I can see some pros and cons to the idea.

As the little grabby hand suggests, I don’t have much time to do much without being interrupted! So with already having two blogs to update and keep on top of, I don’t know if a third one will really work out. The idea of adding a photography section here is something that I’ve thought about as well, but this blog is confused enough as it is already! But at the same time, I don’t want to stop updating here because I am working on other blogs.

I’ve read many times over, to make a blog ‘successful’ it needs to have a dedicated focus. A single topic. I don’t mind so much that this blog doesn’t as it is more of a personal journal than anything else. 

Maybe I should write a couple of critiques, but them here and see how they go first. See if I actually enjoy writing them before launching into anything too serious? 

I have to get through the rest of Criticizing Photographs first! Let’s see if I am still inspired after that. If I can keep little hands off the book while I try and read. 

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