Art in the heart

I was out on my own walking the dog earlier – when across my path a little birdy bobbed along. I didn’t get a good look at the birds chest (and I’m not enough of an expert to tell the difference without seeing it) so I don’t know if it was a Thrush or a Mrs Blackbird, but it got me thinking about art. Once upon a time I was known as ‘Mad Bird Lady’ because every project at University seemed to relate to birds. It was a lot of fun, and I realised that I actually still love birds and should attempt to rekindle my love for them in some way.

I looked at some bird photography blogs on my ipad and had a wonderful time looking at some photographs and reading experiences until my son came along and wanted to ‘help’
The sort of blogs I like are those written by people who are really enthusiastic about what they do and want to share that passion with the world – and that enthusiasm doesn’t come across as egotistical!

As such, I really enjoyed John Dempsey’s bird blog and was really happy to add it to my reader list. His photography and tales are really easy to read and enjoyable to behold. And I cannot wait to go through their bog roll and discover some more wonderful birdy bloggers.

But mostly, my walk made me think about artwork again. It’s a pretty rainy and gloomy day here in Bury but I honestly had the feeling of – this would be a great day to be able to do some painting! I use a lot of water in my abstract artwork and I never even thought about using the ‘crappy’ weather to my advantage before. I’m thinking if the weather is still bad at the weekend while I have someone else with me in the house to look after Marcus, I might try and get outside in the rain and see what I can do.

Returning to the birds though, I’d like to see if I can rekindle my passion for our feathered friends and see where they can take me! Both with trying to pick up the camera again and through artwork. I’ve noticed that a lot of bird artists strive for realism; which I admire deeply, but know that I can’t replicate myself. So, I am thinking of trying some more quirky ideas and seeing what I can do with them. I remember seeing a Skillshare course a while ago that I might be able to use for the drawing of birds and if I can find my materials, it might be quite fun to give it a try and see what happens.

Mostly, I think it’s time that I got over my bad experiences with artwork and start letting art back into my heart again.

2 responses to “Art in the heart”

  1. aww, how cute you met a birdie! 8D >3< ❤ and that was interesting finding out your uni projects were related to birds. 🙂 You are very similar to Ladyionia, she is a bird person too!in fact she has some cockatiels. You two have something in common. 🙂

    A couple of days ago I realised you had deactivated on da. I knew you were thinking of doing it, but the realisaiton that you were gone is sad. I miss you on there ;_____;

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    • It’s a shame I never got to know her, she seemed like a good person.

      I was sad deactivating my accounts, but I felt like it was something I had to do. The negative experiences were starting to get too me too much. I feel happier and safer here.


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