Heaton Park

I managed to get out with the camera today, after much deliberating over if I should or not. We managed to get to Heaton Park.

Honestly, it took me a bit to et back into the swing of it all – remembering all the functions of the camera and how it all worked, but I think I got the hang of it all in the end! It feels like it had been so long (which I think it had in all honestly, aside from taking a few dodgy photographs of Warhammer models)

Being even more honest, I found it all somewhat stressful in a way and I don’t know if I felt like I enjoyed the experience overall. Barley (See pictured dog above) was in a funny mood with other dogs today and I found that the focal range of my lenses wouldn’t allow me to get in close enough to some of the smaller birds that I wanted to photograph. On top of this there was a charity run on which made Heaton Park even busier than usual. Maybe I should try and find somewhere a bit more peaceful next time I go out with the camera, but that can be difficult in itself due to having Marcus’ pram with us.

I think, as with everything, I just need to get back into the swing of it all and keep at it. See how it goes and where the adventures take me.

Although, I do think it might be worth trying to go somewhere without an agitated dog! Even though I would feel guilty about going on a family walk without him.

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