You Died


We finally bit the bullet and decided to spend the entire evening dying! We brought a copy of Dark Souls 3! It was a bit of a gamble, purely because Dark Souls 2 became to much of an unenjoyable slog for us to finish and Bloodborne was rather dissapointing as well – the play style of it wasn’t for us (No shields!) so again, we didn’t finish it before we moved on. But the list of games we have at the moment weren’t inspiring us – starting Dragon Age: Inquisition for the third time just wasn’t working out, Fallout 4 didn’t grip us and I’m sure there are other games in the pile that we pick up and put down so we needed something fresh.

We remember enjoying the first Dark Souls, once we actually understood what we had let ourselves in for! Dark Souls, isn’t a series of games for the faint hearted. You need to come to grips with the idea that you’ll be spending  most of your time redoing the same section of the game over and over gathering souls in the vain attempt to level up and hope that you’re good enough to beat the next boss! Which, you’re more than likely not! Or you judge the tactic wrong and then you die. Again.


We’ve only just started the game and there is plenty of time for the inevitable ‘Dark Souls Frustration’ to kick in. But right now, it’s an enjoyable romp! I am oping it’ll stay that way, rather than turn on us like an irritating itch in unpleasant places like Dark Souls 2 did. I’ve heard good things about Dark Souls 3 in comparison to Dark Soul 2, so I can only hope.

Also, the setting looks rather pretty! I’m rather fond of the castles and ruins in the games. And the fact that you can be a knight and use a shield to block, parry and counter is just right up our street!

I’ll provide a proper review and some deeper thoughts if/when we finish the game – or get a bit further through at least, I just wanted to share some early enthusiasm!

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