Hi Gang,

I brought myself a copy of Artists and Illustrators magazine to try and find a bit of inspiration, as I’d been feeling a little bit stale. Buying magazines isn’t something that I do all that often, and I really, really should correct this as I think it did the trick.

There was a little piece advertising an exhibition for The Royal Society of Marine Artists. Working with a set theme for my art isn’t something I have ever done or considered before. So with the exhibition and my WIP canvas in mind I settled down to do some doodling with a Maritime theme.

Scan 36

Scan 35

Scan 37

I am not 100% sure about submitting for the exhibition yet as I am still in the really rough stages of design work and coming up with concrete ideas for what to put on the canvas, but I think the blue and white canvas lends itself well to the maritime theme. I just wanted to share with you what I am thinking and where I am at with the idea.

Much Love