Vanguard Vets


Well, since my last update thing have been powering ahead and I have managed to get a step closer to my Space Marine chapter being completed.

I am in the frame of mind now that if I get them all stuck together then I’ll be in a better position to get them all painted – then I won’t feel as guilty buying the last remaining pieces for the Battle Company and I’ll finally be finished with them (Until I start the next company or the whole chapter or something)

I have had these beautiful models in the box for a couple of years, I think, but not wanted to do anything with them. Mostly for lack of confidence in knowing how to equip them and thus knowing how to stick them together. So the first step was to look through the Space Marine codex and figure out how I could legally equip them. With the choices in mind it was then fun looking through the sprues and finding the nicest looking bits that fitted in with the chapter aesthetic.

And then the sticking!

So, my Vanguard Vets consist of

  • Sergeant with Relic Blade and bolt pistol
  • Chain sword and Plasma pistol
  • Power sword and bolt pistol
  • Pair of lightening claws
  • Power fist and storm shield.

All of them have jet packs, because why wouldn’t you give them jet packs!?

I had a set of Vanguard Veterans before, but they were metal models. I’ve not got many metal models left in my collection purely for the fact that they kept falling over, bits fell off and the paint chipped, so it’ll be nice to be able to paint them up and use them again – they were always a bit over-prices points wise, but they were once a stable part of my artillery; mostly because I like assault marines and wanted to have something a bit more ‘special’ to go along with them.

So, yeah, that’s (finally) an actual Wargaming Hobby update. Hurrah!


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