Guest Post – Why do you draw?

Why did I start drawing?

The simple answer is due to an online friend at the time, Sy Swift. He made up a furry/sonic character called Trixie Furr and while I was never really into Sonic myself, we did play Phantasy Star Online together and were in a guild called The Syphid Corporation; which was basically us lot just having a lot of fun writing dodgy ‘fan-fiction’ and drawing. It was all a lot of fun and it encouraged me to start drawing.

Trixie Furr by Sy Swift

At this time I was also at The College of West Anglia, studying Animal Management, thus I couldn’t really avoid animals! Then one day, randomly my real life friend Kat introduced me to the artwork of Twira and Twiztid – two very awesome goth aesthetic anthro artists who I totally worshiped and found a lot of inspiration in.

I think, unlike a lot of more ‘famous’ artists out there I find inspiration in enthusiasm; so the people I look up to, are those who love what they’re doing and can spread joy through their art and this is certainly the feeling I got from a lot of the ‘old school’ artists on DeviantArt and it’s because of them I continued to draw. Enthusiasm and passion is infectious and it certainly got into my bones. Then, a lot of these shining stars left deviantArt for various reasons or another – art theft, life moved on, they forgot; etc.

But rather than fade away myself, I’d gotten into this habit of drawing so I just carried on. I had other interests of course and after I’d decided not to pursue a career in Animal Care, I lipped to photography; enjoying the technical side of photo development and black and white film; while working full-time in a super-market. All the while, sketching here and there – to the point I almost got fired from one job because I doodled instead of working – then I started University a major in ‘Contemporary Lens Media’ at Lincoln; which was a huge mistake really. I enjoyed drawing more than photography but it took a friend to point it out too me. I then took the very big and brave step to change my University degree to Illustration; the interviews were the scariest! I was told I’d be having ‘An informal chat’ with the tutors; which turned out to be a portfolio review to see if I could change onto the course, at that point, everything I had done was self taught and I didn’t even know what ‘wet medium’ was! Yet, somehow, I got onto the course. For better or worse.

You see, I still look back onto the early days as ‘the best’, sure my art style has improved; but I don’t feel as connected to everything as I once did. I can’t say (unfortunately) that there is a particular artist or group I feel a rush of excitement to see when they upload anymore – and I feel bad saying that because it sounds so mean!

Early TragicFangirl Artwork

I think because of this I have tried to find other avenues of creativity to see if I can ‘feel’ something akin to what I used too; such as abstract art and watercolours. I have felt lost at times with my art and that’s a horrible feeling seeing as it is something that I have had in my life since 2003

I think at this point, I continue to draw for my own enjoyment – I have recently come across the realisation that I am best at drawing Pin-Up style artwork and while I know it doesn’t technically suit all of my arty interests, I am finding a great deal of enjoyment in it. I’ve learned to be my own ‘beacon’ of passion and enthusiasm; but it does help to have some wonderful friends to drag along for the ride with me.

This post was written as a Guest Post for The Psychedelic Scrapbookin bubblegum Mama

3 responses to “Guest Post – Why do you draw?”

  1. A very insightful and fun read, finding out how you got inspired to draw and stuff that inspired you 🙂 I’m glad you changed your degree to illustration, and so happy you didn’t give up on DA like you say so many people have-or else I never would have gotten to know you and your art! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed reading it hun.
      I am as well, but even if I hadn’t I’d still be drawing, I think it’s one of those things that’ll never completely leave me~
      It’s been great to get to know you too hun.


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