Artist Questionnaire – TragicFangirl

This is a questionnaire I was asked to fill in/answer for the DeviantArt group Art World United

1. Why are you on DA. What brought you here?
I first joined dA because of two artist who inspired me, but are no longer here/active. A real-life friend at the time showed me the artwork of the aforementioned artists and I signed up to follow their work. They have both since moved on, so why I am on dA? I think now it’s mostly through habit! I draw every day and enjoy sharing my artwork with people on dA

2. What are your plans (if any) with your art?
I draw because it’s an escape and I enjoy doing so. If people come join me on the art journey, all the better, but I have no intention of stopping even if they don’t.

3. Show us 2: of your best, your favorites and your first submissions here on DA. (this is a maxim of six of your artworks or stories, you can select fewer if you wish)
My ‘Best’ according to DeviantArt

My Favourites

First Images I uploaded:

4.What type of media(s) do you use/prefer. Amount of time to produce your art?

I sketch everything I draw traditionally with a pencil on paper – nothing too special really! I then scan everything in using my trusty Canon LiDe 120 and use FireAlpaca to do all the digital process of my artwork. I do a little editing in Photoshop CS4, but mostly for using a brush to sign my work and/or for a boarder.

For all the older traditional work in my gallery I’ll have (mostly) used Crayola Colour Pencils

It can be a bit difficult to track the time it takes to do a single piece of artwork as I have to spread it out over a few different sessions. I think between 3 – 5 hours from sketch to completion.

5. What inspires you, the ideas behind your art? Anything you want to share to inspire others?

I have a really big collection of Skin Two magazines which I always have a flick through when I am feeling uninspired.

If you draw your own characters, I highly recommend creating a Pinterest Board for them and pinning things that they’d either wear or just reminds you of them, you can then look back through them whenever you’re feeling uninspired and it might just spark something off for you.

6. Anything you want to add we have not yet discussed?

I’ve written and re-written this in a few different ways – using a quote by Oscar Wilde; “All art is quite useless” and another way that just sounded like I was going on an angry rant; but enjoy your artwork and your characters (if that’s what you draw) and don’t let anyone intimidate you or otherwise try and stop you.

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