I’ve been trying to pick up the remnant of my hobby life; without getting all upset with myself over the minor details like; I’m not working on my Space Marines or, I’m not writing one of my many stories.

Instead, I am trying to celebrate the things that I am doing.

For instance; I am painting *something*
I am drawing *something*

Life can’t be about beating myself up all the time.

I wanted to give a quick share of the two Bloodletters I have finished this week while celebrating the fact that I am getting in the mood to blog again.

I may take trips away, but I’ll always return here. And seeing as I have once again sacked off DeviantArt, I feel like I need somewhere to share my creativity in all of it’s various forms – so here I am.


4 responses to “Bloodletters”

  1. wow, you made them and painted them?cool! 😀 lovely to see you posting again hun, look forward to more. 🙂 ❤


    • Oh I didn’t make them, no.
      I just put them together and painted them. 🙂

      Thank you Hun, it’s nice to have the inclination to post again.

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      • that’s awesome, assembling figurines and painting them 🙂 ive been to quite a few shops that had stuff like that, mostly model boats, planes and soldiers 😀

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