The Journey Starts Again

Hello everyone.

It was completely by chance that this whole journey started; the annual summer visit by Debbie Forster, had her bringing some of her Games Workshop miniatures over to my house for a game of Warhammer 40k. I’d been urging her to get some better photographs of them done because her painting skills far out-weigh her photographic ones and they were not being given the justice they require.

Seeing as they’d not been photographed during the time of my nagging starting and her visit to my house I decided to take matters into my on hands and dig out my trusty Canon Eos 20D which I have had since it was initially released in 2004!

That was a mere five days ago and I’ve not been able to get the idea of picking up photography out of my head since.

As such, I followed Debbies lead with a few other ideas; writing down goals and dreams down on paper, creating a new blog to help with these aims in mind and getting everything in motion for restarting this technical and creative journey.

My aims are to share a new photograph (At least) every other day – my aims are to use Miniatures as the main bulk of my portfolio on here; but due to limiting factors (which I am also aiming to eliminate) I am not getting rid of other avenues of image making so don’t be surprised if there are images of my local world, childrens toys and whatever else may capture my imagination along the way!

I hope that you enjoy seeing the images that I create and share with you all.

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