First steps

It has been a pretty steep learning curve thus far! Trying to remember how to use my camera after only having lightly dabbled with using it in the past X amount of years has been pretty intense; but you know, it’s been amazing!

After having to lay on the floor from my last set – which I shared in my first post here – I figured I’d do myself a favour and set the models (background and stage) up on a bench rather than pressing my face against the cold and wet floor.

I used natural lighting for these photographs and still feel that the is something to be had in taking models outside and finding natural backgrounds for them; it’s something that I’d like to explore further too – maybe find something I can take out with me while on dog, child and family walks; but that’s a thought and exploration for another time.


I don’t feel like this background worked well for the models; it felt too fussy and distracts from the model itself. So I sought a different solution – a change of background. Looking for something natural around the garden; I found the wooden log that we use as a door stop.



I admit, everything here has been photographed hand-held and on ‘Full Auto’ not something that I am proud of. It’s the first few steps on my journey though and I know I have a lot to (re)learn still – especially when it comes to manual controls of the camera. All in good time, my aim is for slow and steady improvement, not a breakneck speed that burns out.

I think I was a little eager this session as I photographed two sets of models. The other being my Husbands Space Wolves  – I didn’t change the set up so I was still snapping away happily on Full Auto, hand held with the same overall look to the images as well (Didn’t change the background)

I really don’t feel that this background was as successful for the Space Wolves as it was for the Khorne Warriors, so I’ll be readdressing them in another Session. The warmth of the background doesn’t help to convey the ‘feel’ that the models give off. I think they would suit a much colder looking background – but it’s a good lesson to learn: What works for one model, won’t work for them all.


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