A treat for the eyes

I wasn’t completely happy with how the photographs in my previous post turned out. Especially the ones of a certain Khorne Warrior Banner Bearer. I don’t feel I ever captured him properly. He is a very impressive model and I certainly didn’t feel I did him justice. I still don’t feel like I have done here either; but I’ll get on to that!

The issue I’ve been facing is that I’ve not been able to get the whole of the model sharp enough in focus due to that pesky thing called ‘Depth of Field’


I was convinced that I was using the correct aperture so I was frustrating myself that the results weren’t what I was looking for; especially seeing as I’d just got hold of a light room to help the backgrounds look decent.

So there I was scratching my head wondering what was going wrong. Best thing to do was leave it alone and have a think about it. A brainwave occurred to me and it was time to dig out the trusty ‘Photography Bible.’ So called because I have used this book for handy reference since I initially became interested in photography. It has everything in it that I need even though photography has clearly moved on a lot since it was written. I wonder if it’s worth an upgrade? Skipping to the Aperture/Depth of Field section I had made a grave mistake! I’d remembered my fstops the wrong way round! What a mistake to make!!

This does mean however, I have a direction for my next session and have taken something away from this one.

It’s great to know that not everything has to be a success for it to be successful.

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