This was taken during the same session as my previous post so I was still suffering from my exposure, depth of field and aperture issues.

But, out of the images I took this session I think this is the one that I felt was closest to what I am after. It’s a little bit under exposes; but I rather enjoy moody looking photography and I think this is the overall ‘feel’ that I would like to create – but I somehow feel that I need to take a step back and actually implement the basic functions of my camera.

When talking things over with my other half we likened it to Lowry – he chose to paint in a stylised way rather than realism; but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t do it.

I don’t want to be the sort of photographer that can’t get the basics right and skips right into developing a personal style. Even among my niche of model photography I’d like to get my own visual signature, but I don’t want think it’s worth skipping out on the fundamental knowledge for it.

Which is why I am going to have to go back and really try to hammer in the basics over the next few weeks – while it might be a lesson in frustration for not being able to get the ‘look’ that I am after, it will be worth while for the long game.

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