Image wise, this might be a bit of a dull post to look at – sorry for that. After my blunder with not remembering which way round fstops worked and how they effected Depth of Field I wanted to have a little experiment.

Setting my Canon Eos 20D to aperture priority I set about gradually changing the fstop from 5.6 – 32.

This to me, while not all that exciting to look at, was an invaluable experiment. It really helped me to understand the general ballpark of where I wanted to be in regards to exposure and Depth of Field.

I feel like the bigger fstop numbers are a bit too crisp and don’t blend the background enough, whereas the smaller numbers blur parts of the model – which I can imaging looking really cool in some cases; but when it comes for simply displaying a model I don’t think it is what I am after – as mentioned in my previous post, I’d rather get to the more impressive looking, fun stuff later when I have the basics down.

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