Scout Bike

I don’t share enough of my own models on here – mostly because I don’t really see them as being great subjects for photography; my painting skills certainly aren’t up to the same standards as my peers so I much prefer taking photographs of their models – but sometimes you just see a model and think ‘I’ll photograph this one today.’

Such was the case with my Scout Bike here


I’m still not 100% happy with the images I managed to get of him; but I certainly feel like I am heading in the right direction – I tried on a white background as well, just to see.


2 responses to “Scout Bike”

  1. Hi Jenn, it can be really hard to get good photos of miniatures. Seasoned professionals will probably tell me otherwise. I’m not a seasoned professional. In my experience, the background can make a difference as you can see above. One thing that I find gets better than average results is a blue background as I hope you can see here:
    Keep up the good work, we’re watching!

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    • Thank you so much for this amazing comment!
      I’ll check out your tutorial (For more reasons than looking at backgrounds seeing as I have a Farseer of my own to paint at some point!)
      Thank you for the link, I always appreciate it when people share their own experiences and talents with me – so please, keep them coming!
      I have a blue cloth which I shall try out when I next do a shoot as well, sounds like an interesting thought – I guess a lot of it is colour theory, working out what backgrounds work with particular models (Black and white are the ‘easy’ options I suppose?)


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